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Koha Health offers a strategic approach designed specifically for your practice—to ensure that financial health and long-term objectives are achieved.

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Maximizing the value of your practice while delivering high quality care is a challenge.

Koha Health offers comprehensive support for all aspects of an orthopedic practice.

With 40 years of experience optimizing the revenue cycle from beginning to end, Koha Health has expanded to deliver even more value. Deep industry-specific knowledge allows Koha to deliver value through service line expansion, fine-tuning provider management, incorporating innovative technology, and developing a customized financial strategy to ensure you arrive at the future you envisioned.

Strategic Advisory Services

The “business of healthcare” has become a reality for healthcare providers. But if you’re spending more time worrying about cash flow and collections and less time focusing on patients, your patients and practice suffer.

Koha Health goes beyond managing your revenue cycle. Our Strategic Advisory Services support practices in identifying opportunities in every area of the organization, from staffing and technology enhancements to key performance indicators and even exit strategies.

Service Line Expansion

Expanding service lines offers significant additional revenue to practices, building practice value, and adding convenience that creates long-term relationships with patients.

Financial Strategy

Support from a financial partner that thinks like a CFO puts you in the driver's seat for discussions with private equity firms, strategies for acquisition or expansion, and for adding and retaining high quality providers.

Tech Advisement & Integration

Identifying the right opportunities for automation, while balancing what activities still require human touch is critical to achieving optimal results and achieving scale.

Vertical Integration

Adding additional services to build revenue and enhance the patient experience.

  • Builds loyalty with patients
  • Creates additional revenue from same patient base
  • Improves outcomes through compliance


“I have worked with members of the Koha Health strategic advisory team for the past 18 years. They have played an integral role in the expansion of our practice, to one of the largest orthopedic groups in the state. The knowledge and expertise have been critical in helping us to navigate through the significant number of changes within the orthopedic field over the last decade. ”

Scott A. Sigman

M.D., Chief of Orthopedics, Lowell General Hospital Team Physician for UMASS Lowell and US Ski Jump Team

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Koha Health offers seamless, interconnected, best-practice revenue cycle workflows from patient registration to final adjudication, generating accurate and timely reimbursements, reduced operating costs, and an overall better patient experience.

Designed to leverage existing investments in technology and people, Koha Health offers a strategic support system driving meaningful improvement that flows to the bottom-line.

We’ll assist with managing staff, streamlining workflows, ensuring medical coding accuracy, insurance claims submission, reporting, and much more, building a foundation for the future.

Revenue Cycle Consulting

Identify opportunities to make improvements, establish KPIs, and implement best practice workflows that generate significant results.


Co-sourcing is the art of collaborative problem-solving, identifying areas where external support through a modular solution approach can benefit a practice. Koha Health can provide deep insight into strategies for: charge entry; revenue integrity/charge capture; payment posting; credit balance resolution; AR follow up; denial resolution; payment variance; ongoing workflow & performance analysis; strategic AR management; staff augmentation; and, self pay AR management.

Chart Audit & Education

A 10-15% error rate is normal, but a healthy practice should be at 5% or less—Chart Audit and Education adds revenue from services a practice has already delivered and offers protection in an audit.

Credentialing & Enrollment

Credentialing issues are commonplace due to the complexity of care locations, and multiple payers—negatively impacting reimbursement. Without expert support to stay on top of provider status, practices risk negative financial impacts.


Maintaining skilled coding staff can be difficult. Koha offers access to a deep talent pool expertly trained to keep up with shifting regulatory and payer requirements.

The Value of Co-sourcing

Fluctuating regulations and payer rules, coding, reimbursement, aging A/R, and the challenge of finding and retaining the proper talent make revenue cycle management a growing challenge. Koha Health offers:

  • Strategic planning
  • Augmented expert staffing
  • Advanced technology
  • Data driven insights

Revenue Cycle Optimization Quantifiable Results


Net Collection Rate

< 0

Insurance days in AR

< 0%

Controllable Write-offs


“With Koha, we now have a more strategic view of our business, which gives us the ability to make more informed decisions.”

Dr Doug Mitchell

MD, MBACEO, Adfinitas Health

Patient Experience Optimization

The rise in self-pay and out-of-pocket payments negatively impact the bottom line and challenge the patient financial experience.

Successful patient responsibility collection requires a unique combination of the latest digital technologies with revenue experts dedicated to delivering compassionate customer service, financial counseling, and flexible payment strategies.

Financial Clearance

Securing the patients’ reimbursement method in advance of the visit is crucial to ensure you are paid for the care you provide. This includes coverage determination, referral and authorization management, patient estimates and financial counseling done in an educational and compassionate way.

Self-Pay AR Management

Patients are more involved than ever in the resolution of their outstanding balances. Koha Health provides patients with multiple, convenient options to pay their balances ensuring the aftercare reflects the quality of the clinical care.

Mobile Technology

Easy-to-use, no portal necessary payment technology is all about enhancing velocity—with Koha mobile payment, billing goes out in advance of a statement; reducing cycle time and your cost to collect.

Patient Contact Center

Advanced Mobile Technology

An innovative PCI compliant text-to-pay solution makes payment by mobile phone easy and safe.

  • One-click mobile payments starting Day 1
  • Patient Portal and Quick Pay Link
  • Preferred Merchant Rates
  • Cross-Platform Integration and Balance Verification
  • Detailed Statements for Transparent Billing

Patient Experience Optimization Consumerism in Healthcare


Increase in out-of-pocket
healthcare costs in last 10 years


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high-deductible health plan


Americans live without
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"I brought them on for expertise as well as technology. They know the industry backwards and forwards, they understand the market, they have excellent metrics for proficiency. I never felt uncomfortable turning the reins over to them to manage the processes because I knew I had insight and transparency into what they were doing."

Jarret Landman

COO, Sports Medicine North

Koha Health has been acquired by Veradigm. Please read the Press Release for more information.

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