Reflections on 2022: Do what you LOVE!

Success can be measured in many ways. For me, the ultimate measure is whether I am passionate about the path in front of me. In my professional life, I believe if you focus on what you love, work becomes a gift. 

At the beginning of 2022, I found myself standing at the helm of a solid and successful revenue cycle management company – Koha Health (Physicians Resources LTD) – asking myself what my goals were for this family business, this brand. What did I want for myself, my family, my team, my community, this industry? I was certain we were not yet at our pinnacle so what would help us reach our growth goals? 

2022 will forever be the year that Koha Health came into existence. The decision to rebrand was not an easy one. Although I was certain it was necessary, I also feared blowback from all sides, from my family to our clients. But we did it right. We took the time to reflect on our history and nailed down the collective strengths and passions we bring to the world. And we haven’t looked back! 

What came out of it all? More than a name that embodies the way we treat one another and how we want to help better the everyday lives of our people, our clients, and our communities. More than a commitment to focus our growth on orthopedics, ASCs and MSK related practices. More than expanded solutions and services. The birth of Koha Health was also the start of an amazing evolution.  

Since we introduced Koha to the public, there has been a solidification of how we approach everything. We do not look to sell; we look to serve and solve. Our greatest passion is to be the best, brightest, most innovative and most loved experts in the revenue cycle biz and to freely share our knowledge.  

As we move forward in 2023, the fundamentals and values that have been cemented will carry us and our partners to new heights. I believe any company that prioritizes people and culture can benefit from the lessons we have learned, so I’d like to share some of them with you.  

5 Ways the Koha Team Lives Their Values:

5. Walk the Talk: We prioritize community support. Koha Health not only supports our communities with our time, but we also commit a portion of our profits to local and global charities each year.

4. Measure, Adjust, Measure, Repeat: We implement regular surveys and reporting. These include the Client and Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) and a Patient Satisfaction Score. But we don’t stop there, we actually do something with the feedback we get. We learn, adjust and make changes accordingly. And we publicize our results on the homepage of our website.

3. Shout from the Rooftops – We Love our Clients: It’s our mantra. The daily actions we take, the ongoing service we provide, and the strategic advice we give all honor that simple, but powerful statement – we love our clients. When your approach is driven by love, rather than profit, everyone can achieve their goals

2. Dream and then Do: One of our core values is Innovation, which we define as always challenging the status quo, creating efficiency, considering “what’s next,” embracing ingenuity, and being brave enough to take risks and learn from mistakes

1. Culture Trumps Everything: Enough said.

All of us here at Koha Health wish you a Happy New Year. We look forward to continuing our conversations with you in 2023. 

By Brian Hall, CEO

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Koha Health has been acquired by Veradigm. Please read the Press Release for more information.

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